Jollof Rice and Asun

Welcome to KegosKitchen, this blog is born out of a passion for cooking and I would be taking you on a jolly food ride.



The Jollof rice is one of the most popular dishes in West Africa especially Nigeria where I come from. Recently there has been internet meltdown with different memes on which Jollof rice is better; Nigerian or Ghanaian but I simply say tell them KegosKicthen Jollof rice is the best.

The key to the best Jollof rice is to burn your pot! Yes that’s right you must burn your pot lol.

Asun is a popular yoruba dish almost  a must have at every party and popular side meal for evening relaxation. Now,I didn’t make it the traditional way using a grill, I had to improvise with  an oven. My way came out perfect !!



I hope you enjoy my recipes, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.





23 thoughts on “Jollof Rice and Asun

  1. Aphie Amuli

    I am so happy we finally have a place to go get recipes , boss your Ego.
    I am a Congolese women who is in love with Nigerian food. I also love cooking therefore this is where I will be spending time while cooking lol


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